Social Media Courses Taught Globally

Social Media Studio, a division of THR33FOLD, specializes in providing social media courses that empower individuals with the right mix of social media know-how. Our mission is to teach businesses how to effectively manage and grow their brands through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Social Media Studio has provided social media training for thousands of individuals worldwide! As one of the first social media education companies globally, Social Media Studio has been developing social media courses and providing social media training since 2009. Get hands-on social media training anywhere in the world. We invite you to attend our classes in person, virtually, or have the Social Media Studio team come to you.

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Hands-on Social Media Training

Get hands-on training with live instructors in private training! Start learning social media in as little as 2 hours!

Social Media Marketing Training

Learn how to plan, create and manage your own social media marketing campaigns in our intensive advanced marketing courses.

Get Social Media Certified

We have been providing social media curriculum for some of the top ranked universities nationally since 2009. Get certified from the best!
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