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Health and Fitness App Reviews Introduction

Khiem and Brian Getting ready for Fitness Apps

Today I was sitting on my booty watching CNN and I heard one of the reporters say that, “sitting for more than three hours a day can cut two years off a person’s life expectancy.” Well, I’m done for. Hearing this made everyone at the office think about how much time we spend working at our desks and we got motivated. It’s summer and it’s time to pull a James Brown- get up offa that thing and try out some health apps with us! New fitness apps are popping up every day from the useful to the obscure (being chased by a zombie: yep, there’s an app for that.) With these health and fitness app reviews, we’ll help you sort through the many fitness apps out there. We’ll be delving into the wide world of health and wellness by covering apps, products, and services meant to make living well easier to do. Do you have any fitness apps or products you think we should review?

Here’s a preview of what we have coming up:

Running from Zombies App

Zombies, Run!
You are one of the few to survive the zombie apocalypse. You hear groans and rattled breathing as they draw closer and closer. Run! The terror of being chased by a zombie is meant to motivate you to run for you life, and if I may say so, the fear of the living dead is enough to get me off the couch. Put your headphones in and get ready to be caught up in your very own horror movie. In this fitness app review, we found that the app sends you voice recordings and gives you directions that progress the story. Create your own playlist to listen to while the dialogue takes place in between the songs.

As you turn left or dodge right you evade capture and collect supplies that you can use back at home to thicken the plot. You choose if the military or the doctors are more in need of the medicine you collected that day. You decide how fortified you want each building to be. The more you run the deeper you get into the story and uncover the mysteries of the origins of the zombies. The best part about it, though, is that you can use any speed you like. Walk, run, jog, use the treadmill, it still works. Of course, you may get so caught up in the story you’ll find your self full out running away when the zombies approach.

We are SO trying this!


This upcoming week we will be testing out:

Test them with us!


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