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Healthy Eating App Reviews: Fooducate

So, when you finally decide, hey, I’m going to do this healthy thing, I need to start eating right, there comes a problem- what is actually good for you? When looking for the right foods to choose sometimes navigating through the maze of “healthy” foods can be your biggest obstacle. Enter Fooducate! The app was put together by dieticians and concerned parents who wanted to choose the best options for their family. Simply scan the barcode of any product and the item receives a grade, just like in school.

Fooducate gives you a list of things you should know about each item and things to look out for, such as misleading claims or potential allergy issues. If you’re not happy with the grade it received you can click for a list of healthier alternatives. Or if you’re ever in a curious mood, shake for a random product. Warning: this can and will keep you busy for a good 30 minutes.

This app is great for someone who is very health conscious or has allergies. I wouldn’t take the time to evaluate the details of every product I’m going to buy, but it is very helpful if you have certain dietary restrictions and need to be careful about what you’re eating. Another really cool feature is the lists you can make for more convenient grocery shopping; it even allows you to check off each item as you get it. This is a great feature which could making shopping easier.

Health App Reviews Fooducate Health App Reviews Fooducate Health App Reviews Fooducate

Although it is a pretty neat app that helps you choose healthier options, it is not as practical of an app as the others. While in the grocery store, I wouldn’t see myself whipping out my phone to scan every single product, that would take hours. It could be handy to prep a few items before hand, and the checklist feature could be easier than having a physical pen and paper. But it could prove time-consuming putting in the necessary research and then having your phone in hand pushing your shopping cart through the store. This app received 3 out of 5 fedoras because it was well designed and worked smoothly, but it wasn’t as useful or addicting as the other apps we reviewed. Fooducate is available on the Android and is 100% free!

Have you used Fooducate? What did you think of the app?


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    Thanks for the review guys, what would make the app more practical for you? We love constructive criticism, so fire away…

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