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Krystal Kinney

Krystal Kinney

Krystal is the Lead Brand Strategist for THR33FOLD, the parent company of The Social Media Studio. Her mission is to empower businesses with the knowledge to grow their brands in the digital space. Krystal ensures brand consistency across all aspects of messaging throughout the marketing, social media, PR and advertising of our client’s brands.

I drive people crazy with my obsessiveness. I want to make sure we hold true to the core values of each brand we work with.

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Khiem NguyenKhiem Nguyen

Khiem has been in front of the screen and on social networks since the MySpace days, constantly trying and testing every “innovative” social network out there. He leads all of the creative work at THR33FOLD and brings his experiences to The Social Media Studio  and inspires students to concept their own “killer social media campaigns”. Khiem’s approach to creative leaves people feeling confident and empowered. Khiem is a graduate from the University of Miami.

I’ve always loved the power social media has on people. It brings old school tactics with new school tech. It’s always exciting to win a RT giveaway or have your favorite director respond to you on Facebook.

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