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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a ton of questions from interested patrons such as yourself, who are interested in social media training for themselves, their sales teams, their marketing staff, or the executive level. If the answer you’re looking for isn’t here, please feel free to contact us.

 How do your courses differ from other social media trainings available out there?

Many of our competitors offer access to their course materials on their websites for a monthly fee. Once registered, students watch short videos and follow a homework checklist to complete – usually with no additional help or guidance.

Social Media Studio’s courses take place live in realtime with one of our social media strategists who have real world social media campaign experience, and are trained to lead courses. Once students complete a course, they remain connected with us for as long as they need for questions and support. We also provide opportunities to connect with past students and other social media professionals to continue their learning outside of class.

 I already know how to use Facebook. Should I take the 100 level courses?

The 100 level courses work for students with varying skill levels when it comes to using social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Most of our students who take these courses use these networks on a daily basis, but are unfamiliar with the tools and methods available for maintaining privacy, organizing contacts, and improving efficiency.

These courses are designed to bring students up to speed on how to use these networks with business in mind. Nearly 100% of our 100 level course attendees say that taking these courses has made a significant and lasting impact on the way they view and use social media for their businesses.

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